Meet the Makers

Did you ever experience a moment that changed your life or were in a situation that could have completely altered everything in your universe? You’re not alone. Many of us have been affected by a moment or a situation like that, but it’s those instances that make you stronger and they become vivid memories or warnings to learn from. Everyone is different and our experiences are unique… regardless, we’ve all dodged bullets in our lives.

In my case, it was when my grandfather passed away. This was a man who had been there for me through everything and we had an amazing relationship. My grandfather had always told me “time is precious, don’t take anything for granted.” And, when he died, something inside of me completely changed. That’s when I knew I had to follow my heart and pursue a newly found passion that was discovered just a few months earlier.

It all started when my dad and I were hanging out one day and he showed me these strange metal flower blossoms. I never saw anything like them. He told me they came from expanded gun bullets. I thought, how could something so amazingly badass be produced by an expanded gun bullet? My dad explained to me that with certain types of ammunition the metal expands and produces a beautiful flower shape.

So many ideas immediately came to my mind.

What began as an innocent conversation turned into a weekend full of exploring. We fantasized about the idea of getting into jewelry making and creating rings and cufflinks out of those badass metal flower blossoms made from gun bullets. I never thought anything would come from this conversation other than having a great memory with my dad. But, little did we know, the blueprint for our mission ahead was drawn and it took a dodged bullet of my own to pursue it.

After my grandfather’s death, I told my dad I wanted to get into jewelry making. I didn’t know anything about jewelry making. Neither did my dad. So, we spent countless hours together to make this idea into a reality. We researched jewelry making, attended trade shows in different cities, and reached out to contacts we made networking to help us with this bold new venture.

I took it upon myself to learn how to metalsmith, so I could recast the gun bullets into precious metals. I even handmade jewelry designs myself. I also learned stone setting and set the precious gems into the gun bullets. I was determined and the process ultimately transformed into Bullet Bloom - a high-end, custom jewelry line that incorporates recast gun bullets formed into magical metal blooms and creates meaningful 14K gold, sterling silver and precious gemstone jewelry.

So much positive energy has gone into creating Bullet Bloom and we’re thrilled to share them with you. Shop our collection to commemorate the bullet (or bullets) you’ve dodged to remind yourself of your exponential badassery!